Osha & Fringed Sage Tincture Use for Lyme Symptoms

Osha & Fringed Sage Tincture Use for Lyme Symptoms


For those of you who suffer from Lyme symptoms please watch this informative video from John Mionczynski.  We have learned a lot over the years mostly from the people who have been dealing with this difficult disease.  Your input and your discussions with us are crucial in helping us support you.  Thank you again.  Please always remember to consult your physician before taking any herbal supplements.  There are some herbal tinctures that can interact with prescription medications.

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Can you help me with the dosage?
Thank you

Rodrigo Marchetti De Moraes

hello John,

I have been struggling with Lyme for the last couple years and would like to try the Osha Root and the fringed Sage tinctures, what would be the recommended dose?

Thank you so much


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