Wildcrafting truly is the original organic.  We source our botanicals from where mother nature planted them in various pristine areas of the Jackson Hole valley.  None of our botanicals have been sprayed or adulterated in any way whatsoever but are harvested in the peak of their growth.  We ethically harvest all of our botanicals meaning we always take only 1/4 of the plant population within a 10 square foot area leaving the rest of the plants to regrow the areas harvested.  We do not harvest any botanicals when they are immature or over mature and going to seed.




We produce some of the finest wildcrafted hydrosols and essential oils using the steam distillation process.  All of our essential oils and hydrosols are produced through copper alembic stills handcrafted in Portugal.  [I am going to add more information about the copper alembic stills in a separate section which will include the French method of steam distillation].  There is evidence that copper alembic stills are more sterile and much better in the process of distillation than any other method to date.  We use pure grain alcohol to sterilize our equipment, the containers and the atomizers before we begin any distillation process.  Virtually everything that the hydrosols or essential oils come into contact with has been completely sterilized with natural grain alcohol.

Please click on any botanical product in order to find out information on that specific botanical.  If you have further questions about our company or our products please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Purity

We do not use any synthetic preservatives or any preservatives whatsoever in our products.  The products have at least a 2 year shelf life if they are treated with respect like you would treat a fine wine.  Keep atomizers and essential oils out of the sun, do not allow them to ever get hot and always keep them in a consistently cool place or at least at room temperature.  They will last for at least 2 years at room temperature (i.e. around 70 to 75 degrees).  The atomizers must never be opened under any circumstance unless you wish to use the product all at once because once you unscrew the atomizer you have exposed the product to microbes which can contaminate the product causing bacteria and/or mold to grow in the product.

Product Testing

We test products in small batches.  We send all of our tested products to the Sagescript Institute in Colorado to be tested at a renowned farm based cosmetics science company.  They test for microbes (bacteria and fungi) in order to ensure that you are getting some of the purest products available on the market.  Link: www.sagescript.com